John Coyle

Reggie Monchais

Henry Muller

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Mike & John at Stone Henge

John and Henry at the Berlin Wall.



  Henry and I ran our first trip to Austria in 1999. The following year Reggie joined us on our trip to England in 2000. Running these trips has been a great experience for all of us. We have made so many new friends from all over the world and have met so many new people who have come along with us.

    We have brought players with us who were as old as 68 and a son of a player who was 11. Players have brought theirs wives and kids, others their parents and even grandparents. Every person who has come has had a great time. We have done trips with as few as 6 players and as many as 20, but we have never canceled a scheduled trip.

    70 percent of the people who have traveled with us have had so much fun they have made 2nd and 3rd trips with us. This is a great opportunity to see other places through the eyes of the people who live there. I can promise that you will not feel like a tourist on our trips.

    After nearly every game there is a party where you will meet the players who live there. Many times you will make a great friend at these meetings. Hockey players are the same kind people all over the world. They generously give of their time and have shown us around in every city we have visited. We have been invited to peoples home for dinner and almost always received personal guided tours of the city we are visiting.

    This is your opportunity to see the world like few others do. We have made so many friends on our previous trips that there is never  a lack of guides to see us through on a wonderful vacation. You will make new friends and a new awareness about the people who live where you have visited. Long after the trip is over you will forget the games, but remember the friends you made. Be a player, not a tourist and come with us.



John Coyle