The cost for each trip will vary and is stated in the advertisement for the trip.

Included in the price of each trip is


2.Ground transfers



5.1 game Jersey and socks, a second jersey is available for $95.00


Payment #1 is due 6 months before the trips departure date$1,000.00

Payment #2 is due5 months before the trips departure dateBalance due

All checks Payable to BlueLine Ice Hockey

Mail to:  PO Box 256. Greenlawn N.Y.  11740

Send your deposits early to insure your spot on the trip you want.


For players and guests only, there are no refunds for goalies.

$1,000.00 deposit is refundable in full up until 6 months before departure. Any time after the 6-month date there is no refund for the deposit.

Up until 60 days prior to departure you can receive a refund less the $1,000.00 deposit and the price of airfare. This amount will vary. Example Price of Trip 3500-1000 deposit = 2500 - 500 airline ticket = 2000 refund.

Airline tickets are purchased in the name of the traveler. You will be given your ticket and you can try and obtain a refund from airline directly. We purchase E tickets.

No refunds will be given after 60 days prior to departure.

Early Departure from trip.

Depending on what city you want to depart from  will determine if you would pay a reduced or increased price for returning early. Some cities we visit are 2 or 3 hours from an airport. We are happy to try and accommodate  your schedule, just call the office.

Single Room Assignments

You can get a single room for the trip. The price is usually an additional $750.00- $1,000.00. Call for exact price for your trip.

Room Assignments

Rooms are usually double occupancy, but on rare occasions there can be 3 or even 4 in a room. This however has only happened on two previous occasions and depends on which countries we are visiting. More than double occupancy is an exception not the rule, except in Munich for Oktoberfest where most players will be in triples. Married Couples and Boyfriend/ Girlfriend will never be tripled.

If you sign up with someone you will be roomed together.

Hotel room sizes vary greatly from country to country.  However hotel rooms in europe are significantly smaller than in the States.

Prices are based on double occupancy, if you are the last person to sign up and we cannot match you with a roommate there will  be an additional charge for a single room. This rate will vary depending on the trip.

Buying your own Airline Ticket

Yes you can use your miles to buy your own ticket and meet us at our destination. However, you must arrive prior to us and depart after us at the same airport. You will receive a credit of $500. if you purchase your own airline ticket.


Please remember we are guests of the team we are playing. We cannot dictate the terms of the game to the teams hosting us. Teams try and provide us with great games, but sometimes things don’t work out as well as planed. There have been games with only one ref and games with no score keeper.

All games are no-check, slap shots are o.k.

Length of periods: Most games are 3 Twenty minute stop time periods. However we have played shorter periods.

Size of Ice : Most rinks in Europe are Olympic size, but there are exceptions.

Amount of Players:  We will always try and bring a maximum of 18 skaters and 2 goalies. You should plan on us having a team this size. With the size of the ice, pace of the games, and length of periods this many players will not be a problem.


You are responsible for your own meals. Some hotels provide a free continental breakfast and some do not.  This breakfast is not like at home. It usually is made up of bread, cold cuts, some dry cereal and yogurt. You are probably not going to find bacon and eggs for breakfast.


Please contact the airline we are using for specific guidelines and costs.

Some Airlines allow 2 bags with weight limits, most only allow 1,  please contact the airline we are using for specific guidelines.

Hockey sticks

Generally we all meet at the airport and put our sticks together in one bag. A passenger who only has one bag checks our sticks and usually there is no charge. On one trip they did charge us $100 to transport the sticks and this charge was divided between all the players.


Excursions are not included in these trips. However, many times my friends from previous trips will arrange for us to do something while in their country. If something is arranged you are welcome to join us. These people are not paid guides and often are taking off from work just to show us around. It is always nice to have someone who speaks the language and knows where they are going to help us enjoy our trip. If we stop for lunch or dinner on this excursion we will buy our guide lunch or dinner. The charge will be divided between whoever eats.


In the past we have had 20 people sitting on a bus waiting for one person. It is not fair to everyone who is on time to wait for someone who is not. These rules are set up to avoid conflict between everyone who is there to have fun.

For games and excursions

We will send one person to your room to find you. We will than wait an additional 5 minutes for you to get to the bus. After 5 minutes the bus will depart for the game or excursion.

Departing for a new City

We will go to your room and search for you for 30 minutes. If you are located you are not to take a shower, or stop for breakfast you are to report directly to the bus. If you are not located after 30 minutes of searching we will leave and report you as missing to the Police and Hotel staff.

We will pack up your luggage for you and take it with us.  We will leave instructions at the front desk on how you can transport yourself to the next city. You are responsible for the cost of your transportation to catch up with us.

Medical Insurance

We do not cover your medical expenses.  The players who have gone to the hospital in the past have reported no problems using their American medical insurance in Europe, but please check with your provider.

Trip Insurance

We do not offer trip insurance.

How to obtain a passport

Follow the link that follows


     St. Andrews Golf Course Scotland

Benefit game Edinburgh Scotland

Omaha Beach, Normandy France