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England / Scotland

June 8 - 17, 2001

6/8Fri.        9:10 P.M.        Check in at J.F.K. Airport Virgin Atlantic

6/8Fri.        11:10 P.M.Depart J.F.K. flight # 10

6/9Sat        10:50 A.M.Arrive Heathrow International

6/9Sat.        12:00 P.M.Motor Coach to Swindon England

6/9Sat.        1:45 P.M.        Game against the Swindon Knights

6/9Sat.        4:00 P.M. Post game Reception

6/9Sat.        7:30 P.M.        Hotel Travel Inn Swindon 01793-881490

6/10Sun.        8:00 A.M.Motor Coach to Sheffield England

6/10Sun.        12:00 P.M.Check into Hotel

6/10Sun.        5:30 P.M.        Game against the Sheffield Blazers

6/10Sun        8:00 P.M.        Post game Reception at the Rink

6/10Sun.        10:00 P.M.Hotel Travel Inn Sheffield 0114-2422802

6/11Mon.8:00 A.M.Motor Coach to Scotland

6/11Mon.3:00 P.M.Check into hotel   Dundee

6/11Mon        5:30 P.M.        Game

6/11Mon.12:00 A.M.Hotel  Premier Lodge Dundee 0870-7001362

6/12Tu.        10:00 A.M.Motor Coach to York, day and evening in York

        Travel Inn York SW 01937-835067

6/13Wed..10:00 A.M.Motor Coach to Chelmsford England

6/13Wed.2:00 P.M.Hotel

6/13Wed.8:00 P.M.Pre game Reception at Hotel

6/13Wed.11:00 P.M.Game Against the Chelmsford Chargers

6/13Th..        1:00 A.M.Hotel Travel Inn Chelmsford 01245-464008

6/14Th.        Train to London

6/15Fri        Train to London

      6/16Sat.    9:00 A.M.Bus to  Sussex Travel Inn Gatwick 01293-533441

6/16  Sat.    7:30 P.MAttend the Davies Wedding or go to London

      6/17Sun.     12:00P.M.Check out and go to visit Stone Henge

6/17Sun    4:30 P.M..Check into Heathrow Airport, Virgin Atlantic

6/17Sun.     6:30 P.M.        Depart Heathrow Airport flight # 9

6/17Sun.    9:10 P.M.        Arrive J.F.K

England – Scotland 2001

Game results

LSa.June 9Blueline 11Swindon Knights13

WSu.June 10Blueline 5Sheffield Blazers4

TMo.June 11Blueline 3Dundee3

WWe.June 13Blueline 10Chelmsford Chargers 6

Finals Record

2 Wins

1 Losses

1 Tie