Germany & France 2002
Game results

W	Su.	January 11 .    	Blueline 4	    Benrath Paperdevils		5

T	Mo.	January 12th 	Blueline 2	    Tournament opponent		2
W	Mo.	January 12th    	Blueline 2	    Tournament opponent		1
L	Mo.	January 12th	          Blueline 0	    Krefeld Police			1  shootout

L	Tu.	January 13th  	Blueline 7	    Dusiberg Fire Dept.		8 shootout

W	We.	January 14th	          Blueline 10	    Benrath Penguins		4

-	Th	January 15th 	          Blueline 	    Gentlemen of Rouen 		
W	Sa.	January 17th 	         Blueline 8	    Gentlemen of Rouen		4	

Finals Record
4 Wins
2 Overtime shootout Losses
1 Ties

On Monday January 12 we participated in a tournament held by the Krefeld Police Department in our honor.
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