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Scotland 2003

Game results

LSa.June 8th Blueline4Dundee6

LSu..June 9th Blueline 5Glasglow6


C Fr.June 15Blueline 0Dundee0    

Finals Record

0 Wins

2 Losses

1 Cancelations.

On Friday June 15th we did not have enough players to play a game and Forfeited. We scrimmaged and had a great farewell party anyway.

Scotland/ St. Andrews Golf

                        June 7, 2002  thru June 16, 2002

Friday June 7Meeting at JFK airport, and check in. Depart JFK for London Heathrow Airport Transfer at Heathrow for Edinburgh Scotland.  Dinner and Breakfast served on board.

British Airways #1502  depart 6:30 p.m. arrive 10 a.m.,

Saturday June 8Arrive Edinburgh and meet Motor Coach. Transport to Hotel in

                                    Dundee. Game #1 against the  Dundee team11 p.m.. Party after game at ice rink. Return to hotel for party in hotel lounge.

Hotel is Priemier Lodge  44 470 700 1362

Sunday June 9Depart Dundee for Edinburgh  via Motor Coach. This City is over 1000 years old. Tour its castles and Beautiful churches. Wind through its cobblestone streets.

Game #2 against the Edinburgh Select  team at 6:00 p.m..  Post game party at Rink. Travel Inn Edinburgh City center

44 870 238 3319

Monday June 10Return to Dundee via coach Free day in Dundee, Play golf at St. Andrews or sightseeing. Priemier Lodge Dundee

Tuesday June 11Golf at St. Andrews

Wednesday June 12Golf at St. Andrews

Thursday June 13Golf at St. Andrews

Friday June 14Free day, Practice at 11:00 p.m. with the Dundee team.\

Saturday June 15Game

# 3 against Dundee team at 6:00 p.m.

Sunday June 165 pm Depart for Heathrow airport and trip home via flight from Edinburgh. Lunch and dinner served on board. Arrive JFK 10:30pm

Attention: This schedule is subject to change without notice

Greens Fees are not included in price of trip.