Typical trips

12 day trips depart from JFK on Tuesday or Wednesday night. 9 day trips depart from JFK on Friday evening.  All trips return  on Sunday. We try to play 3-5 games on 9 day trips. We play more games on a 12 day trip.

Motor Coaches are the preferred mode of transportation for us. Usually it is a big 52 passenger bus. However, we have used smaller 20  passenger buses when traveling in older cities where the streets are extremely small and the larger buses cannot travel. The smaller bus makes things very tight because the big hockey bags take up so much room.

We try to schedule a game on the night we arrive in our first City.  The first game is a little hard on the body after flying all night, but it is a great way for everyone to get to know one another and a chance to meet some players from the country we are visiting. After most games there is a party with the team we played.

The start times for games varies greatly. However, 10:00 p.m. is not an unusual start time for a game. After every game there is usually a party. Between the game and party we return to the hotel around 3:00 a.m.

When there are no games scheduled you are free to sightsee on your own or you can pair up with one of our trip leaders and follow them around for the day.

Level of Play

We attempt to play games at a C level, sometimes teams are a bit better or a bit worse than this; the level of play in every country is different. For instance when we last traveled to Prague we had a very good team and lost very badly to a team made up of players over 50 years of age. However when in France with only a medium level team we lost to a Junior team by one goal. I always try to keep in mind that Losing is O.K. , but getting killed is not fun for anyone.

The level of the players that come on these trips vary greatly. We have brought former professionals and beginners. Everyone has paid to come and play, so we try to give everyone an equal opportunity to do this.


You do not have to speak a foreign language to come with us. There is plenty of English spoken in all the countries we visit and we usually have  someone from that country traveling with us.


I have never spent more than $500.00 on any of the trips I have taken. The best way to get money is with an ATM card. I recommend you don’t bring to much cash with you as long as you have an ATM card that will work. Please let your bank know ahead of time you will be in Europe, or their Fraud division may shut off your card.


Every hotel either has a laundry service , or there is one near by. Cost vary from Country to Country.


You are responsible for your own meals. Most hotels serve a breakfast, but this is not guaranteed. The breakfast served is mostly cold cuts, bread and yogurt. You will not find bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms in Europe are not like American hotels. The rooms are almost always smaller. Usually the floors in the rooms are tiled, not carpeted. If there is an elevator it is pretty small and you and your hockey bag will take up most of it.  Showers in the bathrooms are alot smaller and if you are a big person you might have trouble fitting in one.  The best thing to do is call the office and I can describe what each hotel we stay at is like. Different hotels are all part of the experience that makes these trips so great.

Single Room Assignments

You can get a single room for the trip. The price is usually an additional $750.00. Call for exact price for your trip.

Room Assignments

Rooms are usually double occupancy, but on rare occasions there can be 3 or even 4 in a room. This however has only happened on two previous occasions and depends on which countries we are visiting. More than double occupancy is an exception not the rule, except in Munich for Oktoberfest where most players will be in triples. Married Couples and Boyfriend/ Girlfriend will never be tripled.

If you sign up with someone you will be roomed together.

Hotel room sizes vary greatly from country to country.  However hotel rooms in europe are significantly smaller than in the States.

Prices are based on double occupancy, if you are the last person to sign up and we cannot match you with a roommate there will  be an additional charge for a single room. This rate will vary depending on the trip.


Can be obtained at the following link


Guiness Factory


Mayors’ Office Castleragh Ireland

Merano Italy 2001